Poesie Grenadine is a broken French phrase which roughly translates as "purple prose".
It is the alias of artist Kate Rolison.
Kate is a poet, and she stitches her poems together.
She began stitching as a means of mending, and she's been hooked ever since.

Currently on residency at Object Book in her hometown of Walthamstow, Kate leads workshops and interactive arts interventions, takes on embroidery commissions, and undertakes personal projects often focusing on fashion, language, or art works which are to be explored and understood through handling.

A firm believer in Craftivism (the art of craft and activism), she explores mental health activism and feminism through workshops and in her own practice. She works in collaboration with partners spanning non profit organisations, fashion stylists, choreographers and composers, to name but a few.

Her practice is, and always will be, underpinned by the written word and the handmade.