Now Taking Christmas Commissions

Last Christmas time I had the pleasure of embroidering some song lyrics of special significance for a lovely couple. I would like to offer these services to you; the lyrics below cost £40, and I can embroider lyrics, a poem, a quote, or even a special handwritten note, all in the font/style of your choice. Price depends on size and number of words, but I can post the finished embroidery to you, or if you are London based you can come to pick it up or I can deliver it in person. If you would be interested in commissioning a bespoke gift please contact me at, with size, words, and the sort of font you would like, and I will get back to you with a reasonable quote. I look forward to hearing from you.

Below are some other examples of hand stitched text I have made to give you some ideas for your commission. Many thanks,
Kate x

Into My Arms

Just before Christmas I got a lovely commission to turn some Nick Cave lyrics from this song into an embroidery as a Christmas present. It's such a privilege to be able to contribute to special moments between loved ones, and, in this case, to create something with such personal significance for the two people involved. I love stitching lyrics and poetry with special meaning, so if you have a similar commission in mind don't hesitate to contact me at

Commission Pt. II

Here is the second half of the embroidery commission I have been working on, finished this very night.
This second illustration accompanies the 1930s children’s story The Dawn Shops, in which Jessy takes a dose of soaring pills:
I’m very happy with the figure and the left hand side of the image, but less pleased with the cat; in fact, cats seem to have been intent on giving me trouble today; a big fat fluffy ginger puss kept sneaking into my garden when I wasn’t looking this morning.
Still, this has been a good learning process and the customers seem very satisfied with the result! I’ve really enjoyed stitching these gorgeous, delicate images, too.

Commission Pt. I

I’m very lucky to currently be working on an exciting commission, translating a couple of treasured children’s illustrations into stitch on gorgeous French lace handkerchiefs.
It’s remarkable how much the illustrative style suits my style of embroidery; it’s been a real pleasure to work on, and I’m sure its sister piece will be much the same.
The stories themselves are fantastical, charming, and rather hallucinogenic; rather more 60s than 30s (when they were actually written!)
During my project The Cure for Love, I adapted a similar children’s book illustration into a piece based on the 1945 film Brief Encounter:
I’ll have to keep an eye out for 1930s children’s picture books in my trips to second hand book shops from now on!
If you’d like to commission me to work on a piece for you, just drop me a line at, and I’ll work with you to create your own special embroidered art work, for you or a loved one.


A bit of a deviation from  The Cure for Love tonight; today I completed my first commission for one of the visitors to my exhibition in the E17 Art Trail.

The piece is for a French friend of the client, hence the French national motto of "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" and the colours of the French flag.

It's incredibly exciting to be sewing for someone, let alone getting paid for it. I just hope she's happy with the outcome, I'm not sure about the black outline on the red and blue... what do you think?

(Have just realised there should be an extra accent on the first "e" on égalité... will have to add that in the morning!)