Highlands Away

Last week I recharged my batteries in the Scottish Highlands. This mostly involved drinking, eating (oh so much eating), idyllic walks, not being able to go outside without seeing about three sea eagles, and playing with my new toy; a Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera. The results are below. 

The Mini 8 is marketed mostly as a selfie capturing camera, and I can't wait to use it for portraits/fashion shoots I have planned, as it wasn't great at capturing the landscape. I also took two rolls of 35mm film, one with my Nikon SLR and one with my Lomography Fisheye. It was fun to shoot film again after just using my phone for so long, and I plan to continue doing so.



Yesterday my Mum and I went for a walk through Epping Forest. It had been raining, fitfully and heavily, all day, and had just stopped when we went out.

The forest was still dripping, and I was struck by the very particular smell of the forest when it rains; mossy, and of ferns unfurling. Mum agreed, and said that the smell was verdant; imbued with green.

Inspired by this sensory experience, my old friend and fellow artist Kat and I wandered into Walthamstow Forest this morning equipped with a plethora of film cameras.

Here are the results which I can share with you straight away; Polaroids shot on my Spectra camera, with a variety of filters and costume changes.

The first three photographs are an extension of my self care rituals of rewarding oneself with stickers - this time I've covered Kat's face with merit stickers - badges of honour for surviving. This is a theme I'm planning on developing considerably in the near future... I'll keep you posted.